InBody 970

The high-end InBody970 is developed with the accumulated technology of InBody to set a new standard for body composition analysis.

The InBody970 is equipped with state-of-the-art 3MHz technology and new ergonomic design to better suit patients with different conditions and medical specialties than ever before.

InBody970 Result Sheets, have the most various and useful data among other InBody devices, and the InBody970’s magnificent design goes beyond the boundaries of apparatus design to use from young children to athletes and the extremely obese.

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All New InBody

What’s new in the Next Generation of InBody?

3 MHz Measurement

The InBody970 became the first to utilize the 3MHz frequency, which enables the precise measurement in diverse subjects. Furthermore, the 3MHz technology also ensures the measurement stability in all range of frequencies regardless of test environment.

7 Different Result Sheets for In-Depth Analysis

Now you can select  the result sheet best suits for your needs among 7 different result sheets. 7 results sheets include Evaluation, Research, Comparison, Visceral Fat, Body Composition, Children, and Body Water Result Sheets.

Age-Specific Evaluation by InBody Big Data

InBody provides body composition evaluation by age, based on globally accumulated InBody Big Data. With this, a comprehensive analysis is provided so that you can compare your data to the data of the young age group (T-score) and the same age group (Z-score).

Explore 7 Different Result sheets tailored to your needs

Body Composition Result Sheet

The Body Composition Result Sheet displays your body composition measurements in a clear, easy-to-read way to make understanding your results simple.

Phase Angle at 5kHz and 250kHz:

In addition to the Phase Angle at 50kHz, you can now monitor the Phase Angle at 5kHz and 250kHz and have additional results for your research.

Explore 7 Different Result sheets tailored to your needs

Body Water Result Sheet

The Body Water Result Sheet visualizes the body water balance of an individual with a graph. It is particularly relevant for patient treatment. i.e. in the medical field and in physiotherapy.

You can detect the localized edema at an early stage and monitor the course of treatment, using  segmental ECW Ratio Analysis.

BIVA(Bioelectrical Impedance Vector Analysis)  graph :

2 dimensional coordinate system where you can assess the hydration status and cell mass of your patients.

7 Different Result sheets tailored to your needs

Result Sheet for Children

InBody Result Sheet for Children allows you to see the growth and physical development of each child at a glance. With the growth graph, you can easily check child’s growth status.

7 Different Result sheets tailored to your needs

Research Result Sheet

The Research Result Sheet gives you an overview of all the values that are mostly used by research institutions.

As of 2021, over 4,600 researches were published using InBody.
To provide the researchers an improved experience, we have conceived this Research Result sheet.

7 Different Result sheets tailored to your needs

Comparison Result Sheet

The Comparison Result Sheet allows you to have more in-depth comparison of the pre-test and post-test result with Cole-Cole plots.

This means that 2 measurements can be compared directly on one result sheet. Before and after a certain therapy or before and after an operation, you can check whether the measured values have improved or worsened with Comparison Result Sheet.

7 Different Result sheets tailored to your needs

Evaluation Result Sheet

Based on 13 million sets of InBody Big Data, we provide averages and standard deviation graphs for each result parameters according to age. It allows to compare the results between different or same age groups for a more objective body composition analysis.

Age-specific Evaluation

T-score : your value compared with people from the same age group.

Z-score : your value compared with people from 20’s.

20 parameters available :
Weight, ECW Ratio, Visceral Fat Area, Body Mass Index, BIVA, ECW Ratio Balance, Percent Body Fat, Skeletal Muscle Mass Index, Fat Mass Index, Fat Free Mass Index, Lean Mass Balance, Skeletal Muscle Mass and ECW Ratio, ECM/BCM, TBW/WT, Skeletal Muscle Mass Index and ECW Ratio, Waist Hip Ratio, Body Cell Mass, Outer Circumference, Skeletal Muscle Mass/WT, Weight, Whole Body Phase Angle
7 Different Result sheets tailored to your needs

Visceral Fat Result Sheet

With the Y-scope, an optional device specially conceived for InBody970, you can better understand how your parents abdomen fat is composed of.

The V/S ratio, visceral fat/ subcutaneous fat ratio allows you to determine whether a person has a visceral fat obesity or subcutaneous fat obesity.

InBody970 Highlights

1. Innovative Design

The InBody970 delivers a new seamless look with the premise of detail. The concave head design protects the privacy of the subject during measurement while also enhancing user’s visibility. Stainless electrodes and enhanced footplate improve conductivity and allow weight measurement up to 300kg.

With four corner loadcells, you measurement starts right after step on the device.

2. InBody’s Accurate 3MHz High-Frequency Technology

The higher the frequency, the more difficult it is to control the frequency in the human body which results in an instable impedance measurement.​ BWA overcame this limitation and applied the world’s first 3MHz frequency which penetrates through our cell membranes even better.

3. Smart InBody Measurement

The ID recognition process can be performed quickly and with ease by using the InBody Band, Fingerprint, or Barcode scanner.

Optional Device

4. In-depth Abdominal Analysis

Integrated with the world’s first portable BIA abdominal fat analyzer, Yscope, In particular, it has a correlation of more than 90% with CT, and the non-invasive method enables accurate and convenient measurement within 10 seconds. It provides specialized indicators for abdominal obesity research, including obesity, endocrine diseases, and metabolic diseases.

Product Specifications

614.1 X 963.8 X 1,239.3
(L X W X H) : mm

1, 5, 50, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000

40 impedance measurements, 8 frequencies at each of the 5 segments (Right Arm, Left Arm, Trunk, Right Leg, Left Leg)

Result Sheet Types
Body Composition Result Sheet
Result Sheet for Children
Body Water Result Sheet
Evaluation Result Sheet
Comparison Result Sheet
Research Result Sheet
Visceral Fat Result Sheet

Data Storage
100,000 results
(if member ID is utilized)

Optional Devices
InBodyBAND Series
BSM Series
BPBIO Series
Barcode Reader

Compatible Printer
Available at :

Equipment Weight

Test Duration
Approx. 90 seconds

Weight Range
5 – 300kg

Age Range
3 – 99 years

Height Range
95-220 cm

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Result Sheets
* Body Composition Result Sheet, Body Water Result Sheet, Result Sheet for Children, Research Result Sheet, Comparison Result Sheet, Evaluation Result Sheet, Visceral Fat Result Sheet

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